Book an Online Flow Approval Session and Get Your Flow Approved 👋

Present your own Inside Flow sequences & get them approved

Get useful feedback on your creative Inside Flow sequence in a Personal Flow Factory and have a Senior or Pro Teacher approve it officially. Receive the encouraging guidance that will help you find more fitting asanas and transitions for your Inside Flow.

Find the spark of inspiration that has been missing for finalising your Inside Flow sequence. 

A simple way to arrange an online meeting with your favorite teachers

Choose a suitable date

Check the calendar of your favourite teacher trainer and pick the best time slot for you.

Approve your Flows

It’s never been easier for you to get useful and personal feedback for your Inside Flow creation.

Online Meeting Room

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, simply meet your favourite teacher online.

Individual Feedback

An engaging private session promoting your personal growth with indvidual feedback.

Undivided Attention

In the Personal Flow Factory, the teacher takes the time to focus solely on you and your Inside Flows.

Community Spirit

In the private sessions, you get to connect with an Inside Flow Senior or Pro Teacher